Signaling and Transportation

Evolution Locomotives Serie

They combine the most proven advantages of development and experience of efficient and easy handling, with more wagons for greater power, saving fuel and designed to operate under the requirements of the US Tier 2 environmental standards, carried forward by EPA environmental agency, Currently, they already comply with EU emissions standards, Tier 4 and IIIa of the EU.

Promoting high-tech changes in the railway industry, to reduce costs, optimize operations and increase performance.

A major change in the mining industry to reduce costs, optimize operations and increase performance.

Industry leader in collaborating with the user to revolutionize their mining operations, allowing them to be more profitable in all phases of the commodity cycle by providing innovative solutions.

ALSTOM Signaling

Its fundamental objective is safety, that is: Do not leave control of the movement of the train 100% in the hand of the driver. This implies, combining the digital control systems of the locomotives through the Automatic Train Control System (ATC), the signaling systems of the track of the trains through coded track circuits (PTC) for the detection of trains, speed codes and the automatic systems of Supervision of trains (ATS) of remote control, which as a whole conform a system of Centralized Management of Trains, that allows the efficiency and technological security of the Digital Systems Reliable, for a control and total supervision of railway operations from cargo dispatches, to train yards and operation centers.

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