Recovery of oil wells

Chemgreen Surfactants

We have the solution for the oil well increase of production, throught the boom of the nano technology, I which works through the injection of chemicals surfactants in wells with problems of early decline, working as activators, demulsifiers, antifoam, rust inhibitors, dispersant, mosturizer, etc.., in order to atttack all types of damage of oil deposit and improve the perfomance of the reservoir.

The programmed mixture of the products CG-1000, CG-5000 and CG-8000 injected to the wells with damages and reduction of production have the effect of recovery with a high perfomance in periods up to one year.

Performance without danger

Maquindus and ChemGreen, as exclusive distributors, be proud to offer new technologies and integrate them to solutions that they correct the inconveniences of the conventional products. The acids corrode, the caustic burns, the disinfectants are toxics but works. The ChemGreen products provide all the “job” without “corroding”, “burn” or “toxic” which give the best of both worlds.

Recovery of oil wells

Recovery of oil wells

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