Performed Project:
Miscellaneous Projects

Customers Project Description Manufacturer Year
ARMADA DE VENEZUELA Supply and installation of one (01) diesel electric generator of 1200 kva and one (01) diesel electric generator of 300 kva; Navy post, Puerto Hierro, Sucre State, Venezuela. PETBOW-CUMMINS 1993
AVILA MAGICA (Telerérico Caracas) Supply of one 750 kVA, stand by Generator KATHOLIGHT 2002
SAMBIL CARACAS Supply and installation of one 1200 kva diesel electric generator, Execution of engineering projects for the electric self-generation system and air conditioning absorption system. KATHOLIGHT 1998-199
SADEVEN Supply of one 250 Kw stand-by generator. KATHOLIGHT 1999
HOTEL HESPERÍA PUERTO LA CRUZ Study and Evaluation for the Equipment of laundry services, kitchen, pump station and pool filtering. emergency electric generator 1,000 kva. MAQUINDUS,C.A. 2002
HOTEL & CASINO CANAIMA Supply and Installation of one 750 kVA diesel Stand-By generator. KATHOLIGHT 2002
HOTEL HESPERIA CUMANA Supply and Installation of one 750 kVA diesel Stand-By Generator. KATHOLIGHT 2002
EDC Supply of three vacuum trucks, AQUATECH, Commissioning , Start-up & training. AQUATECH 2006
BAUXILUM Fabrication and Supply of three heat exchangers (tube & shellheat exchanger) e-331a/2a/11a2100.1300 and 1650. MELTER 2011

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