Performed Projects

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Project Description Manufacturer Year
Supply , Installation and start-up of two vertical turbine high performance type pumps. INGERSOLL DRESSER 1996
Supply of one 500 Kw , stand by Generator for Las Claritas , Bolivar State, Venezuela. KATHOLIGHT 2001
Supply of one 375 Kw , stand by Generator. KATHOLIGHT 2001
Supply of one 500 Kw , stand by Generator KATHOLIGHT 2001
Supply of one 374 Kw , stand by Generator KATHOLIGHT 2001
Supply of spare parts for turbines, GE, AEG, KANIS, MS5001P and parts for auxiliary equipment for generation plant G.E. /POWMAT 2003
Supply of two oil separators Model MMB-305 ALFA LAVAL 2008
Supply of one electric elevator with articulated arm M&M LIFTS  
Supply and Installation of two 30 Hp vertical pumps, turbine type, for the cooling of hydraulic turbine generators INGERSOLL-DRESSER 1999
Supply of compressor, combustion, transition, nozzle and 1st stage & 2nd stage Blades sections for a F-5 G.E., dual fuel, Turbine. POWER SUPPLY 2001
Supply of one 150 Kva Stand-By Generator PLANELEC 2006
Supply of 150 meters of 1” dia. of copper tubing, 12 double elbows made of copper casting alloy, as parts replacement for water coolers, of de generators cooling system TEXFIN 2008
Supply of a semi traile, with three bodies of silos for the collection of ashes, post combustion. SYCSA 2010
Oil filtration system for the hydraulic turbo generators. ALFA LAVAL 2003