We have the capacity to offer the advisory and EPC project for the equipment and spare parts service during the phase of drilling with drill rigs and pumping system, as well as, the corresponding equipment in the pumping stations as are the multiport valves, vessels, instrumentation and control system in order to optimize the separation of water, crude oil and gas.

Oil Rigs:

We count with the support of specilized suppliers for the job of supply service, operations and maintenance of drill rigs of different types: Land Oil Drilling Rig and Work Over for the recovery of different capacities, from 250 up to 2,000 Hp.

Multiports Valve:

We supply the selecting Multiports Valves (SMV) in custom made production skid as per customer installation, in a compact production harvest, with eight inlets and two outlets, mounted on autonomous, modular and compact skid.

Separators Vessels

As per the separation process capacity requirements, we supply the cylindrical or spherical vessels, for the separation of water, oil and gas, from the total produced fluid flow coming from well, being horizontal or vertical shaped vessels.

Instrumentation and Production Control System

Joined with wells and pumping stations automation designer companies, we keep strategic alliances in order to give the surveillance solution and ideal control for the client’s production installation.

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