Electric Power Generation

We provide solutions to the requirement of Auto Electric Generation and total electrical equipment for Companies and / or Plants of Small and Medium Production Capacity (SMEs). We have the experience of suppliers of recognized brands worldwide in Generation Systems, Power Systems, Distribution Systems, Alternative Energy Systems and Supervision and Remote Control (scada).


Electric Power Generation:

For powers from 300 Kva according to technical requirements of standby or emergency power generation, Prime or indefinite or limited execution time and continuous generation, whose generators can be diesel or gas, we offer power plants with cabins or containers for turbines or gas or diesel engines, with environmental protection and soundproofing.

Control Boards

  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).
  • Low voltage electrical distribution switchboards.
  • Switchgear Medium and low voltage electrical cells.
  • Switchgear control panel for synchronism and parallelism of generators.
  • Switchgear control panel for supervision and remote control. (Scada).

Alternative Energies

  • Photovoltaic Panels Systems (Solar energy).
  • Complete systems for photovoltaic generation.
  • Windmills of Generation / Wind Power.
  • Hydraulic Generators.

Power Distribution

  • Power substations.
  • Power Transformers for High and Medium Voltages or Control Transformers.
  • Insulators / Bushings.
  • Cables for High and Medium Voltage.
  • Control Boards-Switches / Disconnectors.
  • Lightning rods.
  • Hardware.

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