We are Providers of Solutions for the Industrial Processes in the Sectors of Mining, Mineral Processing, Energy Generation, Gas and Oil

Minerals Processing

We offer Machinery and Equipment of highly recognized brands, we are suppliers of integral solutions for the Industrial sectors and for the material bulk handling sector, especially iron mining, gold, nickel and aluminum through our exclusive METSO distributorship. With them, we cover all the mining processes from Exploring, Exploitation, Crushing, Homogenization, Mineral Transfer, sifting, processing, transporting, pelleting & briquetting.

Transportation & Signaling

We offer the most advanced, safe and reliable rail transport solutions through the GE Evolution locomotives, that allow customers in the mining industry to transport their production and services with maximum savings and confidence, using the most advanced signaling systems, control and supervision of ALSTOM with high-tech equipment of advanced manufacturing, industry experience and after-sales services, placed at the forefront of technology.

Services & Solutions

We are an integral company, such that our services cover all types of Industrial Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects, Project Management, Special Studies, Technical Assistance, Training and After Sales Services. We supply mechanical and electrical equipment, main or auxiliary, required in industrial processes. Additionally we supply utility vehicles to support the client’s projects.

About our Company

Maquindus is an E.P.C. company established in 1982.

We are solution providers for the mining and mineral processing sectors

We offer Machinery and Equipment of highly recognized brands

We are Exclusive Distributors

Although we work with a wide range of manufacturers and Suppliers for the Mining and Process Sector, the following products we offer are from manufacturers where we have an Authorized Distributor relationship and in other cases of commercial alliances.

We offer Machinery and equipment of highly recognized brands

  • Construction, for the installations required by the projects for the integral projects.
  • Procurement of equipment and spare parts for our products.
  • Engineering for the development of Industrial Projects.

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